Essay: The Logo of Domino’s Pizza Incorporation

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Essay: The Logo of Domino’s Pizza Incorporation

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Since its inception, the company has grown from strength to strength. Domino’s Pizza Inc. started its first franchise business in 1967 by opening a first store in Ypsilanti. Despite the original idea to add a dot to the logo of the company on every opening of a new branch, the idea was quickly faced out because the company was quickly experiencing rapid growth. By the year 1978, the business opened its 200th store.

This showed how first the business was growing. However, it is important to note at this point that the company has underwent a major challenge during its infancy stages that threatened to hamper the growth of the company and even its existence. The 1975 lawsuit filed by Amstar Corporation, which was a maker of Domino Sugar at that time, made a complaint arguing and alleging that Domino’s Pizza Incorporation had violated and infringed its trademark and had therefore instituted unfair competition to their company. This legal battle lasted for five years and on May 2, 1980, the court of appeal or federal appeals court ruled in favor of Domino’s Pizza Incorporation (Daszkowskii 84).

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