Essay: Literature Works of the High Middle Age

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Essay: Literature Works of the High Middle Age

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The literature works of the High Middle age was influenced highly by the cultures of then especially by Christianity. In the literary cycles of the issues of Rome, the latin literature was influenced by the vernacular languages. Other literature works included the Matter of France, the Acritic songs, the matter of Britain among others.


The only type of music that was surviving during this period was that which was religious in nature. This was simply due to the reason that music was developed in the institutions that were religious with the notion of secular music coming later. The dominant of this form of church music was Gregorian chant with other forms including motet, conductus and clausulae coming later. All the types of music that were developed later were all developed from the main source as chant. Guido of Arezzo was among the first people to come up with musical notation which made it easier to remember the Gregorian chants. Polyphony came in the era of 12th and 13th centuries as a result of the works of Notre Dame School. One among the major composers of music during the era of the high Middle Age was nun Hildegard of Bingen.

Among the major secular movements was the troubadours arising in Southern France which by then Occitania. These troubadours were itinerant in that they came from all the society classes with the sings from very many topics especially those involved with courtly love. The style in which they were involved went on to influencing the northern France trouveres, Germany minnesingers and other composers of secular songs of Northern Italy,.

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