Essay: Life of Slaves

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Essay: Life of Slaves

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The unbearable conditions in the South increased the mortality rates to 66% and in some plantations as high as 90% (WGBH). To prove that the slaves had no power, they had to work even when sick and without food. Even when sick, they had to work for long hours standing in water thus deteriorating their health conditions. Since the slaves have to be viewed as property, there is no way a property has to enjoy any rights and thus have to near the weight of the whole trade. Despite one’s health condition, he or she had to withstand poor sanitation conditions, remorseless hard labor and inadequate nutrition. Without power over anything, one had to bear all this and if the sickness outweighs one’s withstanding power, he ended up dying.

The slaves lived very harsh lives and could do nothing about it. This was supported by the fact that they had no power even over what they had worked for. They had to work very hard to please their masters despite their health conditions. They as well had to respect and serve even the white children. Without power and considered as property, one is better dead than alive. Slavery life was very hard.

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