Essay: Life of Siddhartha

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Essay: Life of Siddhartha

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After a few days, Siddhartha has changed a lot due to starvation and he does not look as handsome as he has been all his life. Govinda on the hand is full of praise for the Samanas for what they have achieved since they joined them. The path followed by the Samanas of self-denial does not seem to satisfy Siddhartha for he fails to see a permanent solution in it. “Siddhartha learned a great deal from the Samanas; he learned many ways of losing the Self. He traveled along the path of self-denial through pain, through voluntary suffering and conquering of pain, through hunger, thirst and fatigue.” (Hesse 16)

He has the willingness to pass through all the pains to achieve what he believes in, but this form of faith is not working for him. Even though the Samanas have been doing this for a long time, they have not achieved the true spiritual enlightenment Siddhartha is looking for. Siddhartha compares the achievement of the Samanas, to that of the Brahmins who are his bothers but he has deserted. It is around this time that the Siddhartha and Samanas start hearing stories of a holy man who has achieved total enlightenment, which is referred to as Nirvana. This holy man is known as Gotama, the Buddha and thus the two boys decide to leave and go looking for this man. Although the leader of the Samanas is not pleased by this idea, an almost magical, hypnotizing gaze silences him. He proves that although he is ready to learn he does not like the situation of wait and see.

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