Essay: My Life is a Fake

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Essay: My Life is a Fake

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Carey gets the idea of ‘My Life is a Fake’ from one of the incidents of impersonation that have happened in the society. Some of the common themes of impersonation or identity forgery designed by writers are derived from common cases in the aboriginal culture. Carey however attempts to keep a reader interested by using a past and actual attempt of literary hoax, creating his story based on that past notorious case of literary hoax and fake identity and twisting the tale to evolve questions of who is who. He brings in Chubb to impersonate McCorkle, whom, in his mind does not exist, but a real person appears and claims to be McCorkle, forcefully taking all of Chubb’s creation and in addition kidnapping his daughter (Carey 200-201).

Generally, besides the idea of forgery, illusion has been created in the characters minds, which twists mysteries in the text even further. A fictional character ‘come life’ even confuses its creator, who wonders if he was a real and existing McCorkle or if he is a fake, impersonating himself to be the non existing person that Chubb created. Impersonating characters has been used recently by various characters as a way of bringing an interesting twist of characters unveiled in texts. Peter Carey’s My Life as a Fake is full of impersonation in the various characters as discussed in this essay. These characters include John Slater whose mythic nature as a poet is not clear to Sarah as well as his involvement in her mother’s death, Christopher Chubb whose story about McCorkle plays a major role in the novel and the character who appears claiming to be the real McCorkle. This is evidence that Australian writing is indeed making use of impersonation of the self and others in a major way.

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