Essay: End of Life Ethics

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Essay: End of Life Ethics

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While taking into consideration that the acceptable quality of life for an individual changes with time, the medical professionals must take into consideration the age of an individual, the earlier advance directive. If there is no earlier written advance directive, the medical officer must consider the ability of the patient to remember his/ her earlier medical decisions.

The only reason for nursing is to prolong life and maintain a good relationship with the loved ones through good communication. The cost involved with prolonging the live of a patient may be the pain on the patient, financial cost, psychological suffering and isolation among others. The nursing ethical implication may terminate medication on a patient upon the request of a patient. The medication of the patient may be causing more harmful than good or because the medication is just prolonging dying of the patient. The reasons for terminating treatment is not intended to cause death but to make the disease to naturally takes its own course (American Journal of Nursing 2010). According to Continuing Education in Health Ethics Journal on End-of-Life Ethics: Benefits and Burdens, “nurses should not hesitate to use the full and effective doses of pain medication for the proper management of pain for the dying patient. The increasing titration of medication to achieve adequate symptom control, even at the expense of life, thus hastening death secondarily, is ethically justified.” (Klimes 2010, online)

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