Essay: Liberal Education

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Essay: Liberal Education

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Liberal education is the education that makes a man excellent in that he becomes man and a citizen, as he ought to be. This is the argument passed over by John Locke as he sees education to be the one that makes somebody excellent. This type of education trains man as a free man with rights to exercise. It makes a man the means of everything rather than the end of everything. A man who is liberally educated understands things in a comprehensive way. John Locke who sees the traditional methods of education being unfair for they treat people like objects proposes this education.

As per the views of John Locke, both private and public education should be viewed in the same manner. This is because any type of education should make a citizen feel important. It is a right to have education and therefore there is no better education than the other. Initially the students from private schools felt superior but this should not be the case since all are in schools to get the same type of education (Locke, et al 214).

Education should be viewed as a continuous process. It is very successful when it is incorporated with motivation of the parties involved; both the tutors and the learners. Any type of education whether public or private should be viewed to be of the same value. All types of education should be seen to be geared towards improving the personality of an individual. No one should feel superior of the other because he has received education from either public or private institution. Since all people have the same level of rights for education, they should feel equal after receiving their education.

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