Essay: Legal Standard for Repairs

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Essay: Legal Standard for Repairs

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While using the Legal Standard for Repairs: Warranty of Habitability. The warranty of habitability spells out the minimum standard for decent, safety and sanitary of housing conditions that is suitable for human habitation that applies to the contract throughout the lease of the tenant. These minimum standards clearly states that the landlord have the responsibility to maintain residential rental property and repair any defects. Moreover, the jurisdictions require owners or landlords of real property to make any necessary repair and maintain the property.  Therefore using the warranty of habitability, it infers that the landlord is obliged to deliver the rental property to the tenant in compliance with the housing codes. Not only to leave it at that point but also, to maintain compliance of the housing codes throughout the time the tenant’s lease.

Under this two fundamental construction upon which the issue rests and can be evaluated and considered, the rental house which leaves Sam and Tom do not meet the legal requirements, nor does it move close to march the stipulations of the warranty of habitability (Ernest, 2005, pp. 53). Therefore if this is the case, then the paper looks at various options for the duo to fix their challenge.

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