Essay: Learning organizations

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Essay: Learning organizations

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Learning organizations are an ultimate outcome of the competitive and uncertain business environment. These organizations are characterized by their adaptive nature and their ability to transform depending on the fluctuations of the market place (Janakiraman, 2008). The mainstream of these organizations is the market survey. The results yield from these surveys is than organized in a way that management can devise tools to encounter the environmental uncertainties (Stavins, 2000).  The foundation of the learning organizations is based on the awareness, learning and empowerment.

Wal-Mart is an example of learning organization. The greatest example the Wal-Mart has set is the discounted selling at the stores even at the time of recession. For many other retailing stores growth was almost impossible due to the high recession in 2010, but Wal-Mart expanded and showed remarkable progress relative to theUSeconomy. This achievement of Wal-Mart justifies the status of organization as a learning organization, their ability to cope in the fluctuating marketplace proved that the organization was well versed and prepared the environmental strain and the management was learned and developed to cater the strain.

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