Essay: Learning Leadership Skills

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Essay: Learning Leadership Skills

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In my profession, I plan to dedicate all my life for the Latino Community where I have seen many people grow professionally. I plan to work full time for six years after which I plan to request a two-year academic leave to complete my PhD program. During the six years of employment, I expect to be taking several part-time leadership courses, which will improve my competency.  The reason for these continuous courses is the changes that are occurring in the world which require one to be always on toes with all the changes in leadership styles. I will also attend as many women leadership conferences as possible so as to know the challenges that they face and how to overcome these challenges.

All through my college, family and working life, I belief I possess good leadership qualities which will enable me climb up the corporate ladder at Latino community. I have a well-defined vision for my profession, which I expect to achieve with integrity, dedication and discipline. I am also humble, give credit where it is due, and open to hearing the views and arguments of other people. It is my virtue of fairness and creativity that has enabled me to be elected the leader of my discussion group and  succeed to bring my family single handedly even though all my siblings have different needs, which I have been able to meet equitably. My sense of humor has always relieved tension in our discussion group in UMass Boston.

A combination of these factors will guarantee me to become a leader advocating for the minority disabled children and eventually climb up the corporate ladder where my leadership skills will transform Latino Community and take it to a higher level. To secure my professional development and leadership visions, I will dedicate my resources to education, training, discipline and patience.

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