Essay: Lean Manufacturing Methods

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Essay: Lean Manufacturing Methods

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With kanban systems, it is possible to transfer a product from a department to another in the same firm or even to another plant. With kanban systems, a firm is able to respond and satisfy the real needs of the customers rather than the forecasts or predictions of demand.  Kanban system helps in triggering the usual movement in either the supply or production whenever the inventories have dropped down to the preset minimum.

Several food companies use lean manufacturing methods in the production process and this has enabled their success. To begin with, Coca-Cola Company has decided to use the fuel that generated from biogas in the production process carried out in Odwalla, their plant that packages juice. This is reduction of waste and pollution. The company also uses forms of lighting that are energy efficient. By relying on other forms of power rather than electricity, Coca- Cola has ensured that it is safe for it will produce all the time meeting the demands of it clients even without electricity. With lean manufacturing strategies, Coca-Cola is able to change its old ways of production to make its business improve. Nestle Production Company ensures that it produces only the products that are required at any particular time and this ensures save of money which could have been used in reworking on the items. For the companies, which produce highly perishable goods, JIT is very important. For instance, bakeries produce only the number of breads which are going to be required in a day to avoid wastage since they will go bad after very few days.

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