Essay: Lean Manufacturing in the Food Industry

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Essay: Lean Manufacturing in the Food Industry

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Lean manufacturing is most of the times referred to as lean and is a practice of production that puts into consideration the resources expenditure rather than considering the value creation as wasteful, it has the main target as elimination. From the perspective of the final consumer, the value is what a customer is prepared to pay for. The main goal of lean is to preserve value but with less work. Lean manufacturing is derived from (TPS) Toyota Production System where it was aimed at improving the overall value of the customer but at reduced Toyota seven wastes. Today’s lean manufacturing is based on flow optimization by increasing efficiency and reducing wastes by use of empirical ways to decide on only what makes sense instead of accepting the pre-existing ideas. Lean is seen to have been derived from improvement of works of earlier scholars for instance Ford or Taylor in which their mistakes are used to base the learning.

The food industry is not different from all the other industries since it is also affected by the ongoing economic crisis. This implies that the management of this industry should address and thus solve the challenges, which the firm is facing. Lean manufacturing in the food industry helps in a number of ways including the following;

  • Connecting manufacturing and innovation
  • Carrying out short-term strategies to achieve the long-term objective of growth
  • Implementing the dynamics in manufacturing leadership
  • Creating management strategies and effective strategies to make the factory as it is required in the future
  • Following the productivity and performance practices to do away with inefficiencies
  • Offering management of crisis prevention to ensure food safety from storage, packaging to transport
  • Providing programs which ensure continuous improvement
  • Boosting productivity
  • Using the innovation strategy in place to solve the current crisis

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