Essay: Leadership Role

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Essay: Leadership Role


Women will often not accept a leadership role or will take time to make decisions due to inner conflicts of their ability as effective leaders. The lack of confidence in their abilities not only affects decision making but has also been seen to greatly influence how leaders react to different situations.

Additionally, the assignment of leadership and leadership roles to men and women is due to the differences in expertise. Most leadership positions assigned in the 1900s to the late 1980s were based on the competence level that was primarily gender influenced. As Winter, K. Janet, Neal C. Joan & Waner, K. Karen were able to prove, men have always been perceived as having more experience than women[1]. Apart from the child bearing experience, women were not considered to have much expertise in the business field except in social and family roles.

[1] Winter K. Janet, Neal C. Joan & Waner, K. Karen, Male, Female, 46.

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