Essay: Landlord Tenant Rights

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Essay: Landlord Tenant Rights

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Landlord Tenant rights and obligation is at the center stage of the estate issues in the business law today. This is owing to the fact that the business world is moving fast and ever dynamic. Therefore the issue becomes controversial from the past, which required a stipulated legal frame work to solve any controversies that might happen on this basic need for human being.

Thus, it is with this light that this essay shall look at the Repairs, Maintenance, and Entry to Rented Premises in the perspective of the landlord entry into Sam and Tom case.

In order to be able to do this the paper shall look at the legal policy framework and balance it with the business ethics of the best practice to the business operators. Hence the core shall be the rights of the tenants and obligation of the landlord in relation to the Landlords’ duties to repair rental property in business world today.

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