Essay: Korean Culture

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Essay: Korean Culture

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The People’s Daily, the newspaper of Chinese Communist Party, indicated that the Hallyu was substantial: “Hallyu is obviously substantial and there is much to learn from it, so positive attention needs to be given to the phenomenon. Much of its success has come from a deep interest in society and life, humanism and satires on social problems and expressions of lifestyles” (Lee, M 95). Tsing Hua National University’s Prof. Yun Hong also took a similar perspective to Hallyu substantialism: “Historically, Korean culture is based on the culture of ancient China, which is compatible with the farmer’s roots, lifestyle and values.  In Chinese culture, Korean movies feel fresh, while Western films feel distant and unfamiliar. As the Korean movies are packaged with Western culture based on Asian culture, Chinese people are more likely to accept them readily. Therefore, the Hallyu can be said to be inevitable in China” (Lim 193-194).Since the cultures of the two Asian countries are correlated the Chinese like what is done in Korea for its close culture and its western infusion.

On the other hand, there is also a strong perspective of viewing the Hallyu as “a series of highly incomplete and variable changes, rather than already a steady and substantial phenomenon” (Ha and Yang 58). For example, some Chinese intellectuals consider the Hallyu as “a temporary phenomenon limited to some parts of the country, as the desire for consumption of foreign popular culture is rapidly increasing among the rich and young people who were born between the 1970s and 1980s and have enjoyed economic benefits” (Baek 34). They think that the Hallyu culture is just a commercial consumption culture and will decline soon in China, like how the boom of Hong Kong popular culture was gone. The Chinese culture started to become infiltrated by the other cultures in the year 1990 after they had started buying pop culture from the neighboring nations.  Further, they believe that the spread of Hallyu culture is not due to its unique merits, but subject to the specific circumstances of countries who accept the culture.

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