Essay: Causes of kidney stones

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Essay: Causes of kidney stones

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Scientists have not yet established what causes the formation of the kidney stones, although the intake of certain foods, for instance spinach or sweet potatoes that contains high levels of oxalate acids may cause kidney stones to people susceptible to kidney stones. Scientists are not yet convinced that eating a specific food causes the kidney stones to people who are not susceptible .Individuals with  a history of kidney stones in the family maybe prone to infection by the kidney stones. This may be attributed to genetics. Infection of the urinary tract, kidney disorders like cystic kidney disease and certain metabolic disorders such as hyperparathyroidism are also linked to kidney stones formation.

It is also important to know that 70% of individuals with a less common hereditary disease known as renal tubular acidosis are more likely to develop kidney stones. We also have cystinuria and hyperoxoluria, which are other less likely inherited metabolic disorders that sometimes cause the kidney stones. According to National Kidney and Urologic Disease Information Clearinghouse [NKUDIC], cystinuria is caused by too much of amino acids cystine, which does not dissolve in the urine, is voided, leading to the formation of stones made up of cystine. Hyperoxaluria is caused when the body produces too much oxalate than it can be dissolved; the crystals settle out and form stones.

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