Essay: Key features of PRINCE2 project methodology

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Essay: Key features of PRINCE2 project methodology

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The PRINCE2 project methodology divides a project into distinct manageable sections. A key feature of PRINCE2 is the definition of main input/output points, specific objectives and associated tasks to be carried out during the initial phases.

This helps to provide a greater degree of control thereby avoiding deviations from the base-lined project plan. Such type of control is helpful as it allows stakeholders to decide the sequence of product delivery, grouping and decision making, resulting in an organized deployment path.

The following section describes some of the benefits of deploying the PRINCE 2 process model:

  1. Helps in providing a focused start, middle and finish.
  2. Creates multiple business benefits.
  3. To help keep stakeholder involvement alive, PRINCE2 helps inacquiring and maintaining the rewards which are the main reasons for undertaking the project.

Most Project Management Offices seek to standardize and regularize processes to ensure consistency and best practice deployment. This however is not possible since “no two projects” are ever the same. PRINCE2 is able to take this factor into account by identifying the ideal management environment for each project; thereby providing each project an individual management environment. (Garton, Colleen 2009, pp. 421-428)

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