Essay: A Jury of Her Peers

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Essay: A Jury of Her Peers

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A Jury of Her Peers is a story about a woman who has murdered her husband in efforts to avenge over the death of her caged bird. It was initially in the form a one-act play tilted, Trifles. According to Showalter, there are two women who know the murderer since they have strong evidence but they are not willing to reveal it to their husbands, a county attorney and a sheriff. They fear that after revealing the information, the male law representatives will not consider the woman’s condition of loneliness and domestic violence. Showalter further argues that the women are in need of a “jury their peers” (601) since they are not adequately represented in the legal system. As a result, the writings of women have been misunderstood, dismissed and ignored.

The main work of Showalter is to correct the existing problem by giving the women their due. According to Showalter, the women in this story have tried to rectify the mistake for they understand what they usually go through and thus are not willing to let one of their kinds be mistreated. They feel that they are the only ones who understand the problems each of the other women undergo and thus have to do everything to prevent the tortures. This is the main reason they do not agree to incriminate the women although she has murdered her husband but only because of loneliness and domestic violence. She argues that women need to unite to make everything they do a success.

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