Essay: Julia Roberts as a Highly Successful Actress

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Essay: Julia Roberts as a Highly Successful Actress

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In the two movies, Julia Roberts shows that she is among the best because of her way of acting. In fact it is because of her excellence in the Pretty Woman that she goes ahead to make big in the movie industry. The fact that she is in the lead role in these movies makes them very successful because her beauty and sexual appeal draws a very big audience from men who happen to be her largest source of fans. She uses her beauty, which is clearly seen, in her looks to her advantage. The two roles she exhibits in the two characters are somehow similar. She represents a woman who is out there and due to her beauty, men should chase her wherever she goes. In one of the movies, she is a prostitute while in the other; although she is not exactly a prostitute, she plays around with men’s minds by pretending they are going to get married when she knows she will not do it. She knows how to change her facial expressions to suit the prevailing circumstances she is in at any given time, which proves that she is a gifted actress.

In Run Away Bride, she proves to be too cunning for the grooms to know that she would marry at the end, indeed you think that all is going well only to be taken by surprise on the wedding day. Even Ike who thinks that he is too smart to snatch her from Bob cannot believe what happens on the last day. Bob has to wait until they meet later in N Y for him to get a chance of getting her at last.

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