Essay: Julia Fiona Roberts

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Essay: Julia Fiona Roberts

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Born in the year 1967 October 26 in Atlanta, Georgia in the U S, Julia Fiona Roberts is one among the most successful actresses in Hollywood.  She has starred in more than ten films having first appeared in Blood Red in a supporting role with her brother Eric. Julia is out to prove to the viewer that she what she is because of her acting prowess but not due to her natural beauty.

In her movie, the Runaway Bride she plays the character of a woman by the name Maggie Carpenter a young, beautiful and full of life woman who has been through very difficult and unsuccessful love life. Her love life is so much unsuccessful such that she has in fact left three suitors waiting for her in church, on the day they are supposed to tie the knot in a move seen as fear of marriage. A reporter from New York known as Ike Graham has done a story about her but it is based on errors since the story is told by one of the abandoned men for revenge. Ike loses his job for a story he does before verifying, and thus he decides to look for Maggie and write a big story about her and thus get his job back. Maggie lives in Hale, Maryland with her family and the reporter goes to look for her. A local high school football coach known as Bob is about to get married to Maggie but he thinks she has a mental problem.  Ike tries to convince Maggie to stop being afraid of marriage and in their interactions they start getting attracted to one another. Since Maggie is about to get married to Bob she does her best to ignore the feelings she has for Ike. The reporter is looking for love as well since he is already divorced.

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