Essay: Journey of Man

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Essay: Journey of Man

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While the documentary ‘Journey of Man’, on the other hand, explores the origin of human race and investigates its lineage to only one ancestor who had once lived in Africa billions of years back through a scientific process in genetics. The host of this documentary Spencer Wells, who is a geneticist himself, introduces his research for tracing the origin of mankind through a genetic process involving the microscopic examination of the genes in the blood. He starts by showing a drop of blood on the finger and says that “it is inside this tiny crimson drop is the gravest history of species”, and adds that the “time machine is hidden in our genes”.

It is from the blood genes, he says “we can trace the history of our ancestors” and the lineage of our family. Thus it is through the genetic research of our blood genes that we can explore the greatest journey of the species and thus build the family tree. To support his point of view and to prove his genetic theory true, Spencer quotes an experiment which was conducted on the blood samples of the Djibouti people of central Africa in the past so as to trace the history of species, and of the human race which came from one man in Africa. Thus the documentary ‘Journey of Man’ supports the adjustment of people in all cultures simply because they come from a common ancestor. (Journey of Man, n.p.n.d.)

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