Essay: Journey to the Interior

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Essay: Journey to the Interior

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Another classical work under his belt is “journey to the Interior” which takes the listener to a transcendental journey of life. The poem is divided into three sections where by the early stages of life are described as full of cracking roads, hills bitten by wind and streams dotted with very sharp stones. These are just the almost deadly situations that one may find him in as life goes on. Children sometime make very dangerous choices that can even cause death but due to the grace of God, they pull through alive. This is the reason he is saying, “And the back wheels hang almost over the edge at the sudden veering, the moment of turning” (Roethke 90). He also goes on to show that childhood experiences make the most long lasting impressions in one’s life. This is why he goes on to saying that. This is to say that just as it is not possible to hide the effects of weather changes, it is also impossible to forget what one goes through as a child (wood, online). He likes what is happening in the lives of kids very much.

The second section of the poem may be described as the midlife crisis and here the journey becomes rougher. He starts focusing on smaller things than the canyons and the narrator asks the listener would he “throw the car full throttle. Grinding up and over the narrow road, spitting and roaring (in) its ditches” if he finds his car on a slope that is slippery. The last part of the poem is where the narrator becomes more real. He talks about been pushed and shoved in a gravel road, but if one has a good upbringing then he would definitely pull through the tribulations of life successfully (Dedekind & Roethke, 238).

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