Essay: Joseon dynasty palace architecture

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Essay: Joseon dynasty palace architecture

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Joseon dynasty palace architecture is a Korean piece of art that is exhibited in the Stanford Museum (The Cantor Center). The palace is shown through a series of photographs that were taken using the dry plate photography in the 19th century because it was the best type of photography at the time.

Because of their enormous sizes, the plates used in dry plate photography were able to record a great deal of details on the object being photographed. Kings were supposed to have ample security and this evident from the gates that were used to house the palaces. In addition, animals were used as guards of the palaces because kings had very many enemies, which still the same case today. Although security methods have since changed, it is of paramount importance to note that they (security measures) have always been of importance to all leaders irrespective of their times. In addition, the photos a clear sign that kings wanted enough space for holding their meetings and this is the reason why the palaces are very spacious.

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