Essay: Jean Piaget’s Cognitive Development theory

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Essay: Jean Piaget’s Cognitive Development theory

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Jean Piaget’s cognitive development theory is widely accepted as a constructive model for designing learning, especially in pre-school and primary programs that have proved to work well. Substantially, this theory is the foundation for the constructivists learning support developing interest of a child and basis for discovery learning ((Berk, 2006; Huitt, 2007) as it guide parents and tutors are to design instructions equivalent to the level of a child. Furthermore, its influence to instruction approach of children are in the area of curriculum to children or material present should challenge child’s ability and use of concrete experiences such as groups and manipulative are resultant recommendations from Piaget’s cognitive development. For full systematic stage application of theory table.2 (appended documentation) gives details.


The tangible critique to the method is based on the method used for study, which was descriptive resulted that to the conclusions acceptable to others while to others is not acceptable. On the positive part of it, the notion of biological development being a drive for one cognitive development stage to the other; has been widely accepted. This acceptance was reinforced by research conducted by Stafford, Friot and Reanner (1976). In their study, they examined a cross-sectional of children in western cultures; there results supported stages of sensory motor, pre-operational and concrete operational.

On contrast the data obtained from same studies in Western Europe in adolescence did not cohere with Piaget’s assertions on formal operational stage attained automatically as biological aspects mature. Empirically, it was found by Kohlberg, Kalin and Lange (1977), that only 30-35% of high school senior’s attained formal operational stages. This disagreement was based on the influence of special involvement to attain through cognitive stage.

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