Essay: James Logan and Benjamin Franklin

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Essay: James Logan and Benjamin Franklin

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James Logan and Benjamin Franklin were instrumental in advancing intellects and culture of Pennsylvanians by introducing science work in their land. Franklin contributed intellectual activities in Philadelphia by forming debating club which turned into center of American Philosophical Society; he furthered his work by constructing public school which is now a university of Pennsylvania. Logan on the other hand did construction for is collection of books in the settlement (smith, 1607 and Crevecoeur, 1782).

English introduced irrigation schemes where the land was dry and could not support farming, established grain mills and sawmills. With many new settlers Europeans engaged in trade by serving the needs of people in settlements who worked in small farms nearby. This made village schools, church and hall, where local and immigrants could meet to discuss matters of common interest.  The expansion of commerce in Massachusetts Bay Colony from mid of 17th century grew prosperous thus; Boston became one of America’s greatest ports (Crevecoeur, 1782).

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