Essay: Issues concerning the Quality of Fast Foods

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Essay: Issues concerning the Quality of Fast Foods

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The quality standards must be adhered to in all aspects especially now that the global citizens are very concerned about the quality of food intake  since “quantity appeared equal to quality”(Ritzer 68). Issues concerning the quality of fast foods have become very controversial and McDonald must maintain its global image by providing quality products that do not result to obesity that comes along with so many other ailments (Currie). As the America is being considered as becoming a fast food nation, McDonald has the sole responsibility of ensuring that its franchises offer quality products that meet the minimum standards are required by the federal health care provisions, (schlosser). Production of any substandard product by any franchise results to loss of clients in a specific market niche and the competitors take advantage of such situation. According to Daszkowski “McDonald’s Corporation claims they are about growing business, making money, and having fun, and only the serious entrepreneur need apply” (Daszkowski).

In any business, capital is a primary tool that must be considered before engaging in any activity. The capital may be borrowed, personally saving, gifts or donations, however, in McDonald, it is an essential requirement that when applying as a franchisee, the personal capital must be more $300,000, which must be from personal savings and not borrowed from any financial institution. This is one the standards used to limit the number of applications of businesses willing to be McDonald franchises. There are exceptional cases when a franchisee may be willing to start up a new restaurant that resembles McDonalds following the preset conditions but in most cases, willing operators buy  already existing franchises from McDonald. While buying an existing franchise a  new operator is required to pay “initial down payment of 40% as opposed to 25% for an existing restaurant”,(Daszkowski). The franchises are required to fund their operations, however, McDonald offers to lend its franchises are a lower interest rate in order to enable them to stay afloat and run a profitable business.

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