Essay: Issues faced by Women at Workplace

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Essay: Issues faced by Women at Workplace

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The different issues that are faced by the women in the work place pertain to the quality of work and responsibility assigned to them. Other issues specific to women in the work environment pertain to sexual harassment, the present of the glass ceiling at directorial and executive positions as well as the difference in pay that they received as compared to men in the same position. The opportunities available to women are also limited in quantity which increases the competition of women in the work place.

The socio economic proportion of the economy in even the developed countries is largely biased and favored towards the male gender. This is mostly because of the taken in granted view of the female gender as a contributor towards the increase in the socio economic growth. The education level of the females in the developed country has increased multifold which is enabling them to seek diversified jobs in all aspects of the economy. However the limited choices available in the industries do not make way for the full exploration of the ability of the female population as a participant in the economic growth of the region.

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