Essay: Issues effecting Americans

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Essay: Issues effecting Americans

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Presently, there are so many issues affecting an American, issues including unemployment, global recession, high cost of living, inflation, terrorism and cyber crimes among many others. The individual interest must be addressed while the public interest must be addressed too. An American needs to know that, as through addressing and participation in the civil activities for the common good, the private interests will be addressed in the end.

Looking at the environment in which an American resides, there are so many issues that need to be sorted. One may not be satisfied with the health policy, foreign policies, the education system or the security measures; however, the individual needs take full responsibility of making America a better place. One needs to ask the inner self what one has to offer to America and not what America will offer for the individual. Engaging in the civil activities and improving the policies through the lobby groups is a great initiative an American needs to do. Voting is a democratic right that every American citizen must take part.

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