Essay: Israel Palestine Conflict

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Essay: Israel Palestine Conflict

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In order to guarantee peace and stability for the Jewish people, the United Nations gave the Jewish people land, Israel, after the WWII.  Israel was neighbored by Muslim countries and had several religious places for both the Muslims and the Jews. It is also imperative to note that it is the Palestinians who inhabited Israel before that land was allocated to the Jews.

Israel has further continued to extend its boundaries through forceful means and occupied important Muslims holy areas. East Jerusalem, which is very important to the Muslims, is occupied by the Israelites and Palestine or the Muslims have vowed to control East Jerusalem if any peace accord is to be signed in Middle East. Another major cause of the conflict in Middle East is that the Palestine’s claim that their country is occupied by invaders to dominate them and control them through military superiority. This has forced the Palestine’s to develop a terrorist network to hit back the innocent Israelites. In return, Israel has vowed to all the possible military force to protect its citizens from the terrorists.

Currently the Palestine’s feel they are not independent because of the security measures put in place by the Israel like check points between borders. Many Palestine’s work in Israel and purchase their basic commodities from Israel. However, once the Israelites are provoked by terrorist attacks, they close their borders hence denying the Palestine’s basic needs of livelihood. In the Kanafani novel, Men in the Sun it is the inability to get a better living that forces Abu Qais, Assad and Marwan to seek better jobs abroad as a result of the Palestine dispossession. Just as the Palestine’s were crossing the borders to Israel, Abu Qais wife was requesting him to go to Kuwait since the Zionist had got control over them, Kanafani notes “People have been making their own way during these long years, while you have been squatting like an old dog in a miserable hut.

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