Essay: Islam as a Misrepresented Faith

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Essay: Islam as a Misrepresented Faith

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Since it is true that, “all the great traditions are saying the same thing in much the same way, despite their surface differences”, it is easy to coexist with each other. They all emphasize on compassion importance. This is what the prophet was out to prophecize for he did not support the differences that occurred between tribes and religions. By use of the religion, the prophet was determined to end all forms of inhumanity but not to force people to believe in his faith. He was not supposed to support an evil despite the person who did it, all were to be treated equally, the Muslims and the non-Muslims. He is in real a prophet of our times as it is in the title.

Islam has been misrepresented as a faith that is inherently violent, intolerant and cruel. Armstrong was out to show the spirituality and origins of this faith so that this bad notion people have can be scrapped off. Islam is associated with several wars and other evils that happen all over the world but this is not in their teachings. The Muslims who decide to engage in destructive evil actions are not supported by their religion but rather behave the way they behave out of their own will. The quotes form their holy book, Quran, prove this.

The prophet was not a mere prophet but a prophet who came into being at a time when there was need of someone’s intervention to stop the many evil practices that were taking place. There were so many wars that were happening as a result of the political interests and this called for Gabriel to ask the prophet to religiously lead the people. In order to prove that he was not out to support evil, he had a very tough life as he opposed his tribes and cultures. His opposition further led to lack of support from his own people.

Although it was not a simple task assigned to Mohammad, he managed to accomplish the task that was assigned to him. He was able to stop the violence that was in action before his era. With lack of support from his own people, he managed to show them what was right and what was wrong.

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