Essay: Is Stem Cell Research Moral

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Essay: Is Stem Cell Research Moral

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On the contrary, the cells from Embryonic Stem Cell research belong to the bodies of embryos and thus they most of the times form tumors or are even rejected by the recipient as foreign tissues. This implies that the embryo’s life can be terminated in efforts of saving the life of a grown up and even end up causing more problems than before. It should be noted that the cell comes from an embryo whose boy is growing rapidly and thus it is not easy for these cells to match with the cells of an adult who is growing very slowly (Andrews et al 1528). The setting of the origins of these two sets of cells is very diverse.

There are very many researchers supporting the issue of Embryonic Stem Cell but it should be noted that it is not easy to support it since it is never moral and it is also considered ungodly to challenge God. So many ways can be used to look for cures of the diseases ought to be cured. This implies that these methods should be used rather than immorally terminating the life. Many arguments will support Embryonic stem sell but it will never be moral and godly.

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