Essay: Investing in Corporate Organizations

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Essay: Investing in Corporate Organizations

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Cash: Part of short-term fixed income and any type of money market security or fund will work- show relevant data

Cash can be a part of short-term fixed income if it is not easily accessible. In this case, the cash can be in form of money market security or fund and thus it is not ready for the company to invest immediately. For this case, this amount is large showing that the company is prepared with the relevant capital to invest in all its ventures and thus make good profits. The amount gets to ($298,305 + $298,305 + $59,661) from the three caps = $656,271.

4) Real Estate and Commodities:  You can choose any investment vehicle that you believe best suits the needs of your client.  Write a paragraph stating why you have chosen to invest in this particular security or group of securities.  If you are using mutual funds, make sure you include all required data.  If it is a stock, make sure to include why this company is the best choice.

The best company to advise my friend to invest on stock is the company whose data has been analyzed because it has very impressive results and I am sure that my friend will not loose. Since by investing in corporate organizations, an investor is susceptible to loosing although there is high interest earned, investing in this specific company has no chances of loosing and the interest will remain the same since its is a corporate organization. My friend has a surety of maximizing returns from the investments he makes with this company for its has very impressive ratios which proof that it is able to pay off all debts, pay shareholder’s equity and pay all investments and interest earned on them.

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