Essay: Introduction of a Paid Voluntarily Program

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Essay: Introduction of a Paid Voluntarily Program

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2nd Business Memo
TO: All Employees

FROM: a Vice President of Human Resources

RE: introduction of a paid voluntarily program

In efforts to motivate our employee to our firm to remain a responsible corporate citizen, this firm has decided to be paying the employees for the hours they offer voluntary services within the community. The program has been developed with close consultation with the team leaders, supervisors and the department heads. Below are the guidelines for this new program:

  • Employees can spend 1 hr working with a charitable on nonprofit group for every 40 they work.
  • Employees will be paid for this hour, so their salaries will not fall. People who choose not to participate will work and be paid for the same number of hours as before.
  • Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that essential business services are covered during business hours.
  • Any employee who will be away during regular business hours (either to volunteer or to take off an hour in compensation for volunteering off shift or on a weekend) will need to clear the planned absence with his or her supervisor.
  • My office is collecting a list of organizations that would welcome volunteers. People can work with an organized group or do something informal (such as tutoring at a local school or coaching kids at a local playground).
  • People can volunteer 1 hour every week, 2 hours every other week, or a half-day each month. Volunteer hours cannot be banked from one month to the next; they must be used each month.
  • The program starts on January 1(or June 1) and the various groups that people work with will be featured in company publications.

It is my sincere hope that these guidelines are clearly understood by everyone. My office remains open for any enquiry about the guidelines not clearly understood. More so, everyone is free to give an opinion about this program.



Vice President of Human Resources

CC. head of all departments

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