Essay: Introduction to Tell Information System

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Essay: Introduction to Tell Information System

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Tell Information Systems is an upcoming Saudi IT company based in Jeddah. Communications and Information Technology Commission started in Saudi Arabia as Saudi Communications Commission. Since this commission was entrusted with the responsibilities related to information technology, its name changed to Communications and Information Technology Commission. The mission statement of this new commission was to “ensure the provision of high quality universal telecommunications services at affordable prices.”  Internet service in Saudi Arabia was officiated in the year 1997 and since then it has become an integral part of the country’s economy.

Studies have been conducted to identify the penetration levels, usage and habits of internet services since their introduction in the country. Different users of internet services have been established ranging from government agencies to home users to individual users. Other main users include corporate users and educational institutes. Studies have been organized to be conducted after every three years to constantly monitor the penetration rate of the internet service. Users’ satisfaction on this service has been an area of concern since the different users should get satisfied with the system for it to grow.

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