Essay: An introduction to ethics

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Essay: An introduction to ethics

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In the contemporary world today much of the life difficulties are, by and large, moral difficulties. To put this in better terms, many problems in the contemporary world are more of a moral nature. People just find themselves in very challenging situations and circumstances not knowing what exactly to do at those moments. Such a moral problem occurred in Australia when the government, with the approval of the majority of Australian, decided to round up all Korean-Australians and relocate them in internment camps.

This is an order ex cathedra or from the chair, and its impact must have been severe to the Korean-Australians since they are the direct objects of such a sanction. In no way can they react to it like opposing it or demonstrating against it. What actually makes it worse is the concurrence of the Australian people with the Government. In this regard, this paper seeks to analyze the whole saga in the light of moral principles. The study seeks to evaluate a case where one of the victims particularly a Korean-Australian seeks refuge to an Australian citizen after they have been allies for quite a long time; where in turn a federal agent comes looking for him/her after realizing that the Australian is hiding the Korean-Australian. To critically elucidate on this scenario, different ethical theories will also be considered namely: Kantianism, Act utilitarianism, and Social Contract Theory.

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