Essay: Introduction of autonomy

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Essay: Introduction of autonomy

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Third, what the company did wrong was to introduce autonomy at the lowest level of its organizational hierarchy as a form of non-financial motivator. However this had its drawbacks where managers were at their free-will to treat their employees in the manner in which they deemed fit and this left room for managers to be able to take a personal vendetta against employees they had a personal or professional grudge. When autonomy is introduced, there has to be a system of checks and double checks to ensure that laws and regulations are not violated. However this was not the case when it comes to Nordstrom’s as the managers were left on their own while the top management was only concerned with the sales figures that these branches achieved. (Pomeroy, 2008)

The best possible position of Nordstrom

The best possible position that Nordstrom could achieve was as the best employer and the best pay-master where employees were treated well with a good work-life balance and where customers’ needs are fully understood and met.

However this does not in any way mean that the sanctity of the lives of the employees will be compromised and that they will be subject to doing favors for customers that are not required as per their respective job descriptions. Even though in the current scenario, there were some statements from Nordstrom loyal employees that they were never asked to do extra errands for their customers, errands that the employees were not compensated for, the company was by way of its incentive system encouraging sales clerks to forgo pay for better hours in the future.

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