Essay: Internet’s Contribution in USPS Operations

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Essay: Internet’s Contribution in USPS Operations

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The internet has been an evolving entity since tits advent and popular use in the 1980s. However in the last few decades leading to the year 2007 the internet has been able to evolve extensively, whereby changing the way business is conducted today.

One of the main effects that the internet has had on the US economy is putting the USPS almost out of business. The United States Postal Service has suffered a severe setback from the introduction and the widespread use of the internet technology. This is mostly because of the fact that the internet has made the method of communication easier, faster, speedier, more efficient and less costly than ever before. It is now possible for us to chat with people all around the United States as well as all around the word in real time though the internet by employing the use of net meeting software and online chatting software. Video and audio streaming of the conversation is possible. Aside from this the ease with which people can email each other and send each other gift in a much cheaper, affordable and convenient manner form the comfort of their living rooms has made the service offered by USPS redundant.

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