Essay: Internet used as a marketing tool

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Essay: Internet used as a marketing tool

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The internet has developed as a marketing medium, with most information being widely available.  It could be that before the dominance of the internet, academic trade shows and open days in source countries were the only way in which international students could obtain information on their prospective higher education institution.

Nowadays, the internet is widely used by most individuals as a source of information, however in the context of higher education; the internet will also provide information on the host country itself in terms of crime rates, employment and political issues that may affect their decision to enrol.  For example, if one where to go onto the BBC website they would be able to obtain a wide range of information from what is viewed as a respected and reputable website?  If there are social issues in theUKthat may conflict or present concerns with international students, then this will affect their decision regardless of the quality of the trade shows and open days.

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