Essay: The internet and its effects on the travel agents

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Essay: The internet and its effects on the travel agents

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Before the internet was developed, the only of one getting an air ticket for traveling could only be done via the travel agencies but this seems to have changed a great deal. The industry of travel agency involves communication and processing information of its clients. Initially, the agencies had access to details of flights so the customers had no alternative. The fact the airlines are able to do their advertising online and directly to the customers and the customers are able to apply for their travel tickets online has affected the travel agencies a lot. It is also of paramount importance to note that airlines have realized this trend and have thus reduced fares, as they no longer pay the commissions they used to pay the agents.( Bennett, Marion; Lai, Chi-Wen Kevin 2005)

The customers needs have also changed significantly in their demands due to the development in IT since one is able to learn all the exotic places there are to visit at the touch of a button. It is more convenient for a customer to do his or her research at the convenience of his or her sitting other than going to an agent.  It is worthy noting that it is cheaper to book online since one will be dealing with the airline directly without involving an intermediary. The airlines are also happy to serve their customers directly for they will be able to understand their needs more. The emergency of the internet technology gave the airlines an opportunity to be close to their clients and they realized that the need for an intermediary is not that important.( Frías, Rodrígueza, Castañedaa 2008)

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