Essay: Internet Crime Forum

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Essay: Internet Crime Forum

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In the UK, there was an Internet Crime Forum held in 1999 and the objective was:

to develop and maintain a working relationship between the Internet Service Providers Industry and Law Enforcement Agencies in the UK, such that criminal investigations are carried out lawfully, quickly and efficiently while protecting the confidentiality of legitimate communications and with minimum impact on the business of the industry.” (The Internet Crime Forum: March 2001)

the Computer Crime and Security Survey carried out annually by the Computer Security Institute whose aim was to inform the public about the scope of computer related crimes revealed that in 2001, 91% of the US corporation and along with the government agencies has fallen victims of computer cybercrimes.

The Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC), which was initiated by the FBI, received 49,711 complaints in 2001. Internet auction fraud dominated with the number of victims with 43%. The categories of internet fraud reported to IFCC were:

  • Business opportunities, especially the work at home programs
  • Confidence fraud
  • Credit card frauds
  • Identity fraud
  • Online retail schemes

In the UK, computer crime data was collected by the British Crime (Victimization) Survey (BCS). The survey was carried out in 2001 whereby a questionnaire was administered in Wales and England and another survey was carried out by Internet Watch Foundation (IWF). The survey revealed that there were 19,710 cases of computer crimes out of which 99% were cybercrime. According to Internet Fraud, Scam and Crime Statistics – 2009 online article, the US has the highest cases of fraud in the world followed by UK each with 66.1% and 10.05%.

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