Essay: International marketing need in UK

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Essay: International marketing need in UK

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The need to market more competitively international cannot be stressed enough as the results have shown that the US is recruiting more international students, even though this could be attributed to high availability of scholarships and not the cost of tuition fees.

Scholarships are another method of marketing internationally as they provide the potential international student with a financial reprieve, and the scholarships are often directed towards an area of interest, which means international students can select a higher education institution that meets their needs.  However, the downfall for theUKis that most of the scholarships are issued and managed by the British Council, which do not give international students the opportunity to interact with the institution prior to making an application.  Countries like Australia have taken to establishing additional campuses in the source countries, which demonstrates their ability to react to the changing climate, and also their ability to meet the “consumers” (international students) demands.  As the results section demonstrated, more international students are opting to study in their home countries, for a host of reasons, some of which may include cost, and in the age of increased terrorist threats, some international students with families may feel safer by remaining in their home countries.  Employment and visa laws also impact on the decision to study abroad, and as Australia and the US have shown, international students can contribute to their economies and skills shortages and certain programmes have been put in place to enable a smooth transition into employment in the host countries.

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