Essay: Plus Minus Interesting Model

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Essay: Plus Minus Interesting Model

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Plus Minus Interesting (PMI) is the best model to fit the situation at Kava for Kava post office. This is because there are a few variables to be considered. Additionally, there are low chances of having any competition and the government support gives the post office a competitive advantage. The PMI will eventually elaborate the impact of each factor hence making the conclusion to be easily made.

PMI is a technique that is regularly employed by firms with a competent team of employees lie Kava post office. Decision trees is also employed by Kava post office though it yield similar results to the PMI. However, PMI is a bit different and better than the decision trees since it benefits and the costs of the decisions made. This may be a measure of the leadership ability. The managers must be ready to face the challenges since the places with highest risks come along with highest yields (Proctor, 2005).

To conclude, though the best decision making process should incorporate the best tools and techniques that will be most suitable to fit the problem at Hand. Considering the strengths of Kava post office and the opportunities at Kava Island, it is of paramount importance for this post office to invest in Kava.

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