Essay: Intercultural communications

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Essay: Intercultural communications

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With the advent of globalization, borders have been transcended, so much so that the workforce has become truly global. The market for labor now goes beyond nationalities and in fact tries to encompass as many cultures as possible in order to harness the synergies created by multicultural diversity.

This is turn has created a multitude of management and Human resource issues that seek solutions in organizations’ communications strategies, to manage and satisfy all employees regardless of  their ethnicity.

Intercultural Communication when handled professionally and profoundly can become a competitive advantage for the company who masters the art of keeping their people happy and contented.

With regards to everyday situations, a company that operates or conducts business in many geographical localities and countries is bound to come face-to-face with intercultural communications. Take the example of P&G, which is headquartered in the US but has operations and country offices in more than 180 countries, serving a multitude of customers coming from various backgrounds. In light of this PG needs a workforce that comes from the very same background to understand its target market and design strategies in order to gain the maximum out of them.

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