Essay: Instructional Resources

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Essay: Instructional Resources

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Since the lesson plan follows a logical sequence of learning activities therefore in order to ensure that the purpose of the plan is being attained, certain instructional resources would be utilized throughout the session (Bradshaw & Lowenstein, 2011).

The instructional resources used in the lesson would be handouts distributed at different points in the lesson and simulations of the organizational environment. Handouts would be distributed at the start of the session which would represent the comprehensive list of topics to be covered and the students will be encouraged to go through the list. After the explanation of theoretical concepts, students will be provided with the handouts containing the key points from each topic. After the explanation of theoretical concepts, students will simulate the environment of an organization and they would learn the application of these concepts. Therefore, instructional resources related to simulation would also be required.

 Student-Centeredness and Adult Learning

The lesson plan demonstrates student-centeredness and adult learning in the following ways:

  1. Students are encouraged to present their views about each topic.
  2. Students are encouraged to provide their real-time feedback about the lesson.
  3. Students are given time to discuss among each other in critical thinking and active learning sessions in which they determine which topic is more important (Lea et al, 2003).

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