Essay: The Tell Information Systems Website

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Essay: The Tell Information Systems Website

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The Tell Information Systems Website presents the details of each of the products and services offered along with answers to the common questions about the product that may arise in the mind of the potential clients. To have a working customer support system in place on the website helping the customers with any problems they have with the products and solutions that they have purchased for Tell. The website menus are adequately designed with ease of access to each page. However, there is poor content, and many internal links lead to blank pages with no content.

The look and feel of the website is consistent with that of a modern organization.  However, the look is very conventional, the look needs to be further customized and a new look distinctive of Tell’s Information Systems needs to be developed. The design of the website is aesthetically pleasing; the graphics are light, subdued and pleasing to the eyes. The site has not been fully completed and it has not been updated in a long while. A VeriSign SSL-security certificate should be procured for the website; this will ensure security of the customer’s credit card information as well as give customers greater confidence in buying from the website.

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