Essay: Tell Information Systems in Saudi Arabia

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Essay: Tell Information Systems in Saudi Arabia

Sample Essay

Define the purpose for the Website:

Tell Information Systems is an up and coming Saudi IT company based in Jeddah which offers a range of business solutions including ERP systems, digital signage solutions, collaborative document edition solutions, business intelligence systems and IT infrastructure optimization and management services. I did evaluate Tell’s website and an Internet marketing campaign for the company. Tell Information Systems has had a website since 2007.  However, it has never been given much preference and the main focus of Tell’s marketing and advertising efforts have been personal contacts and offline media.

3.2 – Desired Qualities of the Website

The website’s interface and structure should be highly useable: it should be easy for visitors to navigate the website, find the information they need and understand the content of the website. The modern look and feel of the website should have a cool, hi tech feel to it: sleek design with smooth 3-d graphic effects will give a ‘hi-tech’ appearance to the website. The design of the website should convey the message that Tell is a modern and dynamic organization at the cutting edge of information systems technology.

The website should have aesthetic appeal: The Website should be beautifully designed with graphics and text laid out in a manner that is pleasing to the eye. The graphics should not be overdone to the extent that the site appears inelegant and the loading time of the site is slowed down. The customer service responses should be fast; there should always be one or more customer support representatives online during working hours that have the technical and social skills needed to answer the customer’s requests for assistance in a timely and adequate manner. In addition queries made by email by customers or potential customers should be promptly answered.

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