Essay: Information Plan for the Entire Project

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Essay: Information Plan for the Entire Project

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Information in project work is critical to the excellent implementation of strategies. There should be a routine analysis of work coordination through communication channels. Lateral and vertical communication channels with effective nodes and bays must be constantly evaluated in the entire project life. Various channels ought to be oriented to be self sustaining by emitting immediate feedbacks. In addition, strategic protocols could be instituted that are sufficient and relevant to the designs, (Harrison & Lock, 2004).

Project Schedule

The initial stage for the program is the communication of the schedule and plan to the key stakeholders and personnel. The second procedure is the preparations of the plant as well as the new site for the relocation. Coordination ought to be done in a manner that the two sites are connected with the adequate channels of communication. Moreover, the entire schedule must be monitored closely based on the project blue print, (Gray & Larson, 2008).

Risk Management Program

The very glaring risks in a relocation exercise are the damage to machinery as a result of transportation, pilferage of machinery parts, costs of relocation, engineering as well as technical implications and the impact on the labor force that have to move from their residence as a consequence.

Risk Assessment Matrix

This is a diagrammatic representation of the full array of risks and how they occur throughout the project. The matrix is a tool that helps guide corrective interventions as well as appraisal mechanisms. The philosophy is risk in this outlook is total quality management. Within the matrix, risks are ordered in the degrees of severity as well as likelihoods of occurrence, (Kerzner, 2009).

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