Essay: Information from California weather forest Offices

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Essay: Information from California weather forest Offices

Such data is also supported by information from Californiaweather forest Offices (WFOs) and the NWS Incident Meteorologists (IMETs) Clark et al., (2003). During the whole period these teas were deployed to the fire sites to predict ad help the fighters and response teams in the management and response to fires.

The WFOs, RASC and the river forecast centers reassessed their modeling procedures in order to understand the changes in the fires and observe the recovering areas. Landsat images were obtained fro Old and Grand Prix fires, together with the cloud and smoke images of Verdale, Piru, simi and Padua fires Lewis et al., (2007).

The forecasts were given for one or twos day outlook for nay critical danger. The data was used to give red flag warnings, fire weather watches and high wind warnings. The combination of these systems provided an excellent advance warning of a critical fire before the wildfire sets (Johnson, 2004). This also prepares the emergency response teams, which in the case of these fires prevented further causality cases and damage to property.

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