Essay: The Influence of Marxism in the Leadership Hitler

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Essay: The Influence of Marxism in the Leadership Hitler

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Essentially, the influence of Marxism in the leadership of Hitler, more often than not, is overlooked. The ‘hatred’ of Marxists by the German rule of the day only disguised the general populace on their inclination. As many of the same opinion would agree, socialism is indicated as the path through which the world should pass in achieving communism according to its main proponent; Marx.

Hitler’s obsession and lust for blood could be attributed to his state of mind and his personal prejudice towards the Jews but it only gained rationality in the teachings of the Marxists. In addition, the ideological competition could not allow Hitler to be a leftist and hence the only place he could hide his ego was in opposition to all teachings of the day while he was a real and actual Marxist.

Essentially, Hitler was a self-driven individual who could sacrifice anything to realize his ambitions regardless of the ideologies that he followed

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