Essay: The Influence of Marxism on Hitler

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Essay: The Influence of Marxism on Hitler

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His hatred for Jews was based on his inclination to the fact that, at that point in time Jews were very successful and had accumulated a lot of wealth. In essence, he saw the Jews as nothing but pure capitalists who were driven by the greed to accumulate wealth at the expense of the Germans. This totally concurs with the fact that Marxism saw the enemy of the mass as the bourgeoisie who control the means of production instead of the state. The opposition of Marxists to post colonialism may be the grounds through which Hitler’s hatred was directed to Jews. To him Jews population was on rise and could arouse the possibility of a new colonialism. By so he was opposed to Jewish invasion passionately and viewed this as a justification to launch a movement against the Semites.

The influence of Marxism on Adolf Hitler was very open in his leadership. He hated Marxists who were idealist in the sense that flexibility to review the teachings was impossible. As much as he criticized the capitalist rhetoric, he was in the forefront disguising the Germans that they would own land and other material capital though the state would be the overseer. Peter Temin (573 -593) postulates that the pursuance of self-interest in business field implied death in concentration camps during the reign of Hitler. It should also be known that as much as Hitler pretended to protect private property the property belonged to the owner only in name but not in substance. Every thing was state owned.

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